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LiveSeed helps creatives distribute their work across multiple social platforms to help grow their fan base while building a branded page.

About LiveSeed

As a modern artist, you know social media is the best way to grow your fan base. But keeping all of your accounts up to date is a chore, meaning you don't do it as often as you should. And when you do find time to post, you're not sure which posts and networks are really worth your time. LiveSeed is here to help.

How it works

Add your media to LiveSeed

You can upload photos, videos, or MP3 files. We'll automatically size and convert your images and video to the proper sizes and formats, and then create a page for them on LiveSeed.

We share it with your fans

We'll automatically share the link to your followers no Facebook, Twitter, and LiveSeed, encouraging them to come check out the rest of your work.

We track each post

LiveSeed keeps detailed analytics for each of your posts to track your progress, so you'll know which networks and which posts are earning you the most fans.

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Meet the team

BJ Scott


Richard Gabriel


George Huger


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